We prepared some high-quality Tone, that you can us in your Music Life.


Dear customers, this is Tae-Hyeok Yang, the owner of A3stompbox. I am very glad to offer A3stompbox’s distinguished service to all of you. Our company was established with a purpose of communicating with musicians. When we first started learning an instrument, no one around us gave appropriate advices. So, we came up with an idea of developing our distinct methods and sounds. Apparently, it was not an easy task. But through incessant effort, we were able to offer not only directions of equipment usage but also best equipment itself. A3stompbox does not only produce equipment; we aim to create the best music through close cooperation and communication with players. Every customer that enjoys the service of A3stompbox is our partner. Let us go together.

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Pre-A3 Stompbox

Under a brand name ‘Culture Planner,’ we began developments and sales of power supplies. We changed the brand name into ‘A3’ after accumulation of diverse experience. Then, with a specific focus on developments of stompboxes, we established what is now ‘A3stompbox.’

Stompbox Making

A3 develops and produces diverse types of stompboxes. Based on rich experience and craftsmanship, we create the sound most in need. 

Advice Tone Solution

Here at A3, a good sound is our utmost interest. 

Whenever your equipment is not functional or cannot be operated properly, our experience and expertise will guide you to fully make use of it.

Repair & Mods

Here at A3, we repair and modify.

Whenever your effects pedal goes wrong, we restore it closest to its original condition. For a 100% satisfaction of a player, we modify sound or hardware.