"The best volume pedal ever with the perfect throw and curve."
- Michael Thompson

"This is great."
- Melvin Davis

The Custom Volume features a super smooth volume curve for precise volume control and is perfectly voiced for guitars and basses. We are proud of the tone preservation quality of the circuit in the Custom Volume. The housing construction consists of the stainless metal which is very light but still robust.

The Custom Volume provides two different size options - Standard and Mini.

Mini. 750g - d 18cm x w 8.5cm x h 6.5cm (Perfect FIT for Pedaltrain Metro series)
Standard. 1.04kg - d 25cm x w 9.5cm x h 6.5cm

A3 Stompbox is the boutique stompbox brand based in South Korea. The quality is proven after a number of field-testing by the renowned musicians such as Melvin Davis and Michael Thompson and Isaías Elpes.

A3 Stompbox will repair or replace, at its discretion, defective workmanship or materials on all new A3 Stompboxes directly or through the selling dealer or authorized service technician. The warranty will vanish once the ownership is transferred to a 3rd party. This warranty does not cover damages caused by any modification or misuses. It this case extra repair cost will be charged if the consumer requested the service.

The warranty of the potentiometer of the volume pedals follows the regulation of the manufacturers'. (1 year)