- Emily Tone Project ( with Mtree)

In 2012, we used to build chorus stompboxes called Emily Tone which the circuit design was based on DC-2. The original Emily Tone was reluctantly discontinued due to the supply issue of the vintage parts. We have been feeling sorry since we could not build Emily Tone anymore though a number of players requested to make more of them. Recently we luckily have found a supplier who can provide us the vintage parts required for the 200 units and now ended up for us to be able to build Emily Tones again.

Prior to the production, we have thought about a meaningful project.

There is an organization called Mtree which serve the people in countries with lack of cultural activities such as some countries in Africa. (Mtree Website: )

Mtree is a non-profit company. Every year they visit Africa and serve as various sectors such as art, fashion, architecture, music and etc. to deliver dreams to the children who are unsure about their dreams.

Out of the different sectors I was interested in the Art, 'Brush with Hope', a project which delivers dreams with the brushes to the children who never have drawn a painting before. As a result, we decided to build products which feature the arts created by the children which the licenses were granted by the children. And also decided to donate 10% of the profit from each product sale to the children in Africa.

There are two different models - 'Louis' and 'Apple Tree'.

The name 'Louis' was quoted from the name of the child who drew the painting of the stompbox. The original sound of the legacy Emily Tone was directly inherited to Louis.

'Apple Tree' features an apple tree design as the name itself. It is a reinterpreted model with the additional modern sound on the original Emily Tone.

Power - 9VDC (center negative)

Current Draw - 65mA

Jacks - Input, Outputs(Deep,bright)

Size - 70 X 125 X 55(mm)

A3 Stompbox will repair or replace, at its discretion, defective workmanship or materials on all new A3 Stompboxes directly or through the selling dealer or authorized service technician. The warranty will vanish once the ownership is transferred to a 3rd party. This warranty does not cover damages caused by any modification or misuses. It this case extra repair cost will be charged if the consumer requested the service.